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Current Control & Cords
11-0182 11-0190
Older Current Controls included Models 20-200, 20-201, and 20-205. These models are no longer available (but see below). The cords which were most often used with these old current controls are the ones shown above. Both of these cords are still available as replacement items.
At present two current controls are available so that older diagnostic equipment can still be used. The 20-0203 control provides an output of 3.8 volts for use with Distal Lamp Carriers and our standard Focalite® (Model 41-0354). The 20-0206 provides an output of 6 volts for powering Headlite bulbs (Model 41-0521) (see Lamps, Bulbs and Lamp Carriers). Both of these new current controls have an attached cord (12 ft.) as an integral part of the assembly, and therefore no separate cord is required.
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