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Veterinary Products

All of our Electro-Surgical Generators may be used for veterinary procedures.


Also, all of our accessories have application in the veterinary field.


In addition to the return devices shown in Patient Return Devices, we have two return devices specifically designed for veterinary use. They are:



Clip Return





Rectal Return


We can provide a variety of ear cones for your existing Diagnostic Instruments. Available are:


  • 66-6441 Small (4mm.)
  • 66-6442 Medium (5mm.)
  • 66-6443 Large (6mm.)


  • 66-6444 Small (4mm.)
  • 66-6445 Medium (5mm.)
  • 66-6446 Large (6mm.)


  • 66-6447 Small (4mm.)
  • 66-6448 Medium (5mm.)
  • 66-6449 Large (6mm.)

Small, Plain

Large, Biased

Medium, Fenestrated

Please see Lamps, Bulbs and Lamp Carriers for lamps for your gastroscopes and diagnostic instruments.


Please note that the Model 20-0205 Current Control is no longer available, but the 3.5 volt output generally required is now available in the Model 20-0203 – see Current Controls & Cords. As shown in this same section, you will note that the Model 11-0182 Cord is still available.

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